"We're Alright" Signed Wall Plaque

Abraham Hunter Art

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Last fall, wildfires roared down the slopes of the Smoky Mountains and hurt so many of the people and wildlife I love here in Tennessee. It was surreal. The firefighters fought for days, and the numbers of homes destroyed and lives lost kept rising. It was a very emotional time. However, even though at first it looked very bleak, the fires exposed the beautiful loving core of the community like never before. We truly loved our neighbors as ourselves. It was an outpouring of love that wouldn’t have happened without the pain that the fires caused. That’s when I started this painting…In a charred forest of the Smoky Mountains, this momma bear and her precious cub comfort one another. Warm rays bring life to the tiny green buds and flowers as spring arrives in all its glory to cover the dark memories and ashes. The right side of the painting has less life in it while the left side is full of life. I created it that way so that your eye sees the ashes, then you see the love of the mother and child, then the rebirth. The forest will now be more beautiful than before, and the land will heal. Love got them through the winter, and now it’s over. They’re alright. Love got us through the pain and devastation, and now we are healing. We made it. “We’re Alright.”-- Each plaque is personally signed by the artist Abraham Hunter! Plaque dimensions 9" by 12".

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