"Love is In The Air" Signed Wall Plaque

Abraham Hunter Art

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"When I lived in the farm country of Illinois, I became really interested in whitetail deer. I would sit in the autumn woods for hours sketching and watching the wildlife. When late October came around and the air was crisp with the smell of fall leaves, the big bucks abandoned their usual habits of eating and sleeping to become infatuated with the ladies. They would even fight each other in their efforts to impress. I’ve actually been close enough to touch one of these big powerful bucks. It amazes me how they can go from amped up and angry to nuzzling a doe so tenderly. I guess all men can be a little moody and bipolar.In my painting, a deer couple is on a picture perfect date. The foliage is covered in the colors of autumn, the sun lights everything in a warm glow, and the wildflowers are blooming for the final time before winter sets in. It is the perfect setting for this couple’s romantic walk in the woods."-- Each plaque is personally signed by the artist Abraham Hunter! Plaque dimensions 9" by 12".

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